Wednesday, November 29, 2017

The Sound Eater does video

Despite going through a very difficult November, I managed to put this together for all of you. And for myself. Definitely for myself as well. Going into video has been something that I've meant to do for the longest of time. While I'm not new to blogging in general, I am new to blogging about ELT and it all feels like a constant struggle to better my content and create meaningful material to share with you guys. 
That's why I think going into short videos will be a welcome change and maybe the future. A series of videos will focus on talking about aspects of sound production, trying to explain it as clearly as I can. Or even better yet, as clearly as I wished I had had someone explain to me when I was doing my Delta and started to get really interested in sounds.

Here is the second video that focuses on sounds. I'll be looking at voicing, something that will be explored further in Part 2.

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The Sound Eater

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